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About The Little Big Toy Shop Ltd

Here at The Little Big Toy Shop we specialise in providing the best in high quality wooden toys and educational toys on the market.

Our Director has years of experience as a nanny, working on fun ways in which to educate children in their early years. We have found Orchard Toys outstanding for teaching kids to communicate, share and play together, so if your looking for fun educational games be sure to check out our Orchard Toys range, they are great value for money and one of our best sellers.

The Little Big Toy Shop website looks fun and most of all is easy to use. Breaking things down into categories that we think are most popular and relative to our toys, our categories include, toddler toys, boys toys, girls toys, pocket money toys, games and birthday partyware.

Each category is then broken down into sub categories, for example toddlers puzzles, boys wooden toys etc. To make things even easier for you. You are also able to shop by age or brand.

Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys have a reputation for being one of the best suppliers of children’s educational games and puzzles.

Most of the Orchard Toys games are designed to assist children with the Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum and much of the range has won an educational award of some sort. Their games and jigsaws range for children aged from 18 months to 12 years old.

Orchard Toys help develop children’s every day skills, such as counting, letters, colours and numbers, and parents will find Orchard Toys beneficial to their child’s interaction and social skills.

Based in Norfolk, Orchard Toys is a UK based company. Founded in 1971, Orchard Toys has now become a household favorite among children’s board games. All the board used for Orchard games and puzzles is 100% recycled and all are manufactured in the UK.

Lamaze Baby Toys

Lamaze toys begin baby’s education early! A great way to get babies and infants started on educational toys is the Lamaze Toy Series. Lamaze toys develop baby’s visual, motor and independent playing skills. Watch your baby grow and develop whilst they play and interact with Lamaze baby toys.

Lamaze Toys are innovative and colourful baby toys and are designed to amuse and stimulate your child's senses. Based around the Lamaze Infant Development System, Lamaze toys consist of three key developmental themes: Awakening the senses, exploring and experimenting, and moving and doing. Lamaze toys use different colours, textures and sounds.

They not only create enjoyment, but they also help develop their essential skill set. The Little Big Toy Shop has great discounts on all of it's Lamaze Toys.

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